PROBIO CARBON Biochar Plant & Soil Health Granules (Bonsai Size)

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Versatile Carbon Rich Biochar - Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria. Produces Sustainable Fertile Soils.  (Bonsai Size, however suitable for all plants)

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Probio carbon - Enriched Biochar

Is a biochar (charcoal) based product enriched with plant growth promoting bacteria Bacillus subtilis.

Biochar is a carbon rich medium which has the ability to remove carbon from the atmosphere. 1 Kg takes 3.5 Kg of CO2 out of the atmosphere and adsorbs it to the soil.

The main benefits of probio carbon - Enriched Biochar include:

improving soil nutrient availability by increasing the cationic exchange capacity in the soil;
improving soil water retention; and
increasing soil pH.
increases yields.
Fights diseases such as replant and Fusarium.

This leads to increased physical and chemical stability in the soil.

probio carbon - Enriched Carbon Feed combines the benefits of biochar and the plant growth promoting benefits of Bacillus subtilis. This results in a substantial reduction in the reliance on fertilisers, pesticides and irrigation for growers.